Home entertainments design, installation and application. Background music, karaoke OK, home theater, HIFI stereo, what is your favorite?


Home Audio/ Video

If full scale home theater is not for you, you can still enjoy fully automated audio and video solutions unified in a single entertainment network. Such single comprehensive Distributed Audio and Video subsystem will allow you to enjoy music and video broadcasts from multiple sources that all communicate with each other and easily controlled from handheld devices. Indeed, operating your electronic devices has never been easier with abilities to switch between listening to music, watching television, browsing internet on a large TV screen or playing video games. The programmers can also create user friendly and easy to navigate application for your control devices that will precisely reflect your in-home entertainment system, making it easier to manage giving you more time to enjoy.


Audio and Video Automation
With technological advancements and dramatic reduction in prices, sophisticated audio and video entertainment systems became part of almost every home in North America. At the same time, not all have truly remarkable automated audio and video solutions at their disposal. Such things as audio listening rooms, home movie theaters and multi-zone music distribution systems that incorporate the newest ideas and latest technologies will definitely make your home a more entertaining place for you and your guests.



Home Theater

Contemporary home theaters are designed to submerge you into the most luxurious entertainment experience you can get. Absolutely stunning high definition 3-D picture quality means that you won’t miss out on a single detail. Add to that immersive surround sound that delivers superior audio that can capture the intimacy of the softest whisper, or make you feel like part of that action scene you are watching. Entertain yourself, you family and you guests with the experience of going to the theater or stadium while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your own residence.

We can help you to choose your own equipment, whether you decide on a giant TV or home theater screen with powerful projector, out technical team will insure your total satisfaction with audio and video quality. If necessary, we can even supply home theater furniture and install it so you can start enjoying everything right away.



Audio Listening Rooms and Multi-Zone Audio Set Up

Multi-zone / room audio allows you to enjoy different music in different rooms of your residence or to have your music follow you as move between rooms. Using top of the line in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, We can turn your house into full scale concert hall with superb quality sound. You can also set up your audio system in such way that it will replace your annoying alarm clock and gently awaken you in the morning using your favorite playlist or radio station. For those who are looking for a truly unique audio experience, We offers custom-built Audio Listening rooms with both digital and high performance analogue audio solutions that will surprise even the most dedicated music guru.


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